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Admissions Survey, Summers 2004 and 2005

Summer 2004:   In May, 2004, Office of Data Analytics (ODA) assisted the office of Admissions in surveying a sample of non-confirmed admitted non-resident students. The survey was intended to gather data on the general impressions held by this group of students about CU-Boulder and their reasons for not attending CU.

A web-based questionnaire was emailed to a random sample of 1876 admitted non-resident students who had not confirmed as of the middle of May, two weeks after the confirmation deadline. Approximately 9% of the sample was unreachable, due to invalid email accounts. Part way through the survey process, parents were invited to respond for their student, if they received the email first. No incentive was offered. A total of 274 responded, for a final response rate of 16%, adjusted for the non-deliverable emails.

Data from the responses were analyzed, but no formal report was issued at that time. It was decided to repeat the survey again in the summer of 2005, with some minor changes in the format and sample selection.

Summer 2005:   In May, 2005, ODA re-administered a modified version of the previous Admissions Survey. This time both non-residents and residents were sampled in order to gather comparative data on their views of CU-Boulder and their reasons for not attending. Parents were again invited to respond for their student, if they received the email first.

The web-based questionnaire was similar to the earlier version, with the addition of a few items that asked about publicized events that had occurred at CU in the past year. The questionnaire also asked respondents to identify themselves as either the student or parent.

A random sample of 2600 students (1300 residents and 1300 non-residents), was emailed the web- based questionnaire. Approximately 8% of the sample had non-deliverable emails. A total of 475 responded to the survey, for an overall adjusted response rate of 20%.

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