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Admissions Survey 2009

To assess prospective students' views about the admissions process and the campus, we periodically survey students newly admitted to CU-Boulder. Between May 20 and June 4, 2009, ODA administered two slightly different versions of the questionnaire, one for admitted non-confirmed students and one for admitted confirmed students. Both non-residents and residents in each group were surveyed in order to gather comparative data on their views of CU-Boulder and their reasons for either not attending, or attending, CU-Boulder.

A random sample of 6000 admitted students, consisting of 2000 confirmed and 4000 non-confirmed students with equal numbers of residents and non-residents in each group, was emailed an invitation to complete a web-based questionnaire. Less than 1% of the students had non-deliverable emails. A total of 1245 responded to the survey, for an overall adjusted response rate of 21% across all sub-groups. The confirmed students were more likely (30%) to respond than the non-confirmed students (16%). Among confirmed students, non-residents were slightly more likely to respond than residents (31%, 30%). These percentages are similar to those from the 2006 Admissions Survey.

Results of the survey were shared with Admissions staff members in July, 2009, and are available online from the private enrollment management staff's passworded site (link located in the bottom left-hand frame of http://www.colorado.edu/oda/adm).

PBA: L:\IR\survey\Adm\Adm2009\adm2009_survey_posting.doc

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