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Admissions Survey 2006

Between May 25 and June 16, 2006, ODA administered a new version of the previous Admissions Survey. This time two slightly different versions of the questionnaire were developed for both admitted non-confirmed and confirmed students. Both non-residents and residents in each group were sampled in order to gather comparative data on their views of CU-Boulder and their reasons for either not attending, or attending CU-Boulder. Unlike the two previous surveys, parents were not invited to respond for their students if they received the email invitation.

A random sample of 6000 admitted students, consisting of 2000 confirmed and 4000 non-confirmed students with equal numbers of residents and non-residents in each group, was emailed the web-based questionnaire. Approximately 5% of the sample had non-deliverable emails. A total of 1153 responded to the survey, for an overall adjusted response rate of 20% across all sub-groups. The confirmed students were more likely (31%) to respond than the non-confirmed students (15%), and within each of these groups, non-residents (34% of confirmed, 15% non- confirmed) were more likely to respond than residents (28%, 14%).

Because the 2006 questionnaire items and sampling method were substantially different than in the past two years, analyses of the results did not include a comparison to previous years' results.

PBA: L:\IR\survey\Adm\Adm2006\adm2006_survey_posting.doc

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