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National Survey of Student Engagement 2006
NSSE Items, by Scale

Item label

Item number

Item name

Cognitive skills U. contrib to critcl thinking 11e GNANALY  
  Courses emphasized analysis 2b ANALYZE  
  Courses emph applying theories 2e APPLYING  
  Courses emphasized synthesis 2c SYNTHESZ  
  U. contrib to quant skills 11f GNQUANT  
  Crses emph memrize facts/ideas 2a MEMORIZR Yes
  Courses emph making judgments 2d EVALUATE  
  Exams challngd to do best work 5 EXAMS01  
Computing/IT U. contrib to computing skills 11g GNCMPTS  
  Used internet in cls assgn 1l ITACADEM  
  Used email communicate w instr 1m EMAIL01  
General education Aquiring a broad gen education 11a GNGENLED  
  Writing clearly & effectively 11c GNWRITE  
  Speaking clearly & effectively 11d GNSPEAK  
Academic emphasis Challenged to do my best Aau19 AAU19  
  U. emphasizes studying 10a ENVSCHOL  
  Number of assigned books 3a READASGN  
  Worked harder than imagined 1r WORKHARD  
  Preparing for class 9a ACADPR01  
  Came to class prepared 1f CLUNP01R Yes
General satisfaction Qual of relatnship w/ studnts 8a ENVSTU  
  Academic quality of major Aau08 AAU08  
  Quality instruct upper div Aau04 AAU04  
  Academic qual of this univ Aau07 AAU07  
  Qual of relatnship w/ faculty 8b ENVFAC  
  Quality instruct lower div Aau03 AAU03  
  Attend same institution again? 14 SAMECOLL  
  Qual of relatnship w/ admin 8c ENVADM  
  U. emph support-acad success 10b ENVSUPRT  
  Students not run around here Aau14 AAU14R Yes
  U. emph providing social spprt 10e ENVSOCAL  
  U. emph help cope non-academic 10d ENVNACAD  
Academic advising Info from advisor is accurate Aau13 AAU13  
  Advisor is available Aau12 AAU12  
  Overall quality Aau09 AAU09  
  U. rspnsvness to acad problems Aau10 AAU10  
Personal development Learning on your own 11j GNINQ  
  Understanding yourself 11k GNSELF  
  Voting in elections 11i GNCITIZN  
  Solving complx real-wrld probs 11m GNPROBSV  
  Develpng persnl code of ethics 11n GNETHICS  
Community engagement Did/plan prctcum/intrnshp/etc 7a INTERNR Yes
  Discus'd clssrm ideas w/ othrs 1t OOCIDEAS  
  Did/plan commun srvce/volnteer 7b VOLUNTRR Yes
  U. contrib to commun involvmnt 11o GNCOMMUN  
  Tutored/taught others 1j TUTOR  
  Partic in co-curricular actvty 9d COCURR01  
Practical academics U. contrib to wrking w/ others 11h GNOTHERS  
  Worked w/othrs outside class 1h OCCGRP  
  U. contrib to job skills 11b GNWORK  
  Did/plan to do sr experience 7h SENIORXR Yes
  Made a class presentation 1b CLPRESEN  
  In-class group projects 1g CLASSGRP  
  Partic community project 1k COMMPROJ  
  Did prjct req'd integrat ideas 1d INTEGRAT  
Diversity Cnvrs w othrs w diff beliefs 1v DIFFSTUD  
  Converse w diff race/ethn 1u DIVRSTUD  
  U. contrib undrstnd dvrs othrs 11l GNDIVERS  
  U. emph contact w/ diff othrs 10c ENVDIVRS  
  Incl dvrse persp in assignment 1e DIVCLASS  
  Imagine issue frm othr's view 6e OTHRVIEW  
Satisfaction w/ class size Upper division class size Aau02 AAU02  
  Lower division class size Aau01 AAU01  
Faculty engagement Profs make expectations clear Aau20 AAU20  
  Asked questions in class 1a CLQUEST  
  Rec'd prompt faculty feedback 1q FACFEED  
  Discussed career plans w/ fac 1o FACPLANS  
  Discussed ideas w/ faculty 1p FACIDEAS  
  Did/plan indpndnt stdy/own mjr 7g INDSTDYR Yes
  Worked w/faculty outside class 1s FACOTHER  
  Discussed grades w/ faculty 1n FACGRADE  
Course availability Availability major courses  Aau0205 AAU0205  
  Availability genrl ed crses   Aau0206 AAU0206  
Study abroad Did/plan to do study abroad       7f STDYABRR Yes
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