Course sections are scheduled in classrooms, labs, auditoria and other rooms across campus.

In considering classroom use we look at course sections, rooms and their characteristics, and measures of instructional activity in rooms. Major measures for rooms include number of sections and hours per week scheduled, average enrollment and percentage of seats occupied while scheduled, and summary indices of classroom use. The summary measures are described in the report narratives and are not always comparable across years of reporting. Reporting was affected, for example, by the Colorado Department of Higher Education's discontinuation of its space utilization standard after fall 2009 -- a decision that influenced metrics used in the fall 2012 report.

Major characteristics of rooms include size in square feet, number of seats available, whether in a general fund or auxiliary building (e.g., residence hall), whether centrally scheduled by the Registrar's office or not, special equipment, etc.

For discussion and detail see the narrative and listing. The listing presents room characteristics and measures. The narrative presents overall results, definitions, policies, and discussion.