Financial aid information for CU Boulder undergraduate and graduate students.

    Undergraduate Financial Aid

    Profiles are for degree-seeking undergraduates by residency and family financial capability:

    The U.S. Department of Education releases official cohort default rates once per year.  A cohort default rate is the percentage of a school's borrowers who enter repayment on certain William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan (Direct Loan) Program loans during a particular federal fiscal year (FY), October 1 to September 30, and default or meet other specified conditions prior to the end of the second following fiscal year.

    CU Boulder Three-Year Cohort Default Rate

    Fiscal Year Cohort Default Rate
    2016 3.2%
    2015 3.1%
    2014 3.1%
    National and Local Comparison
    Fiscal Year 2016 2014 2014
    National 10.1% 10.8% 11.5%
    National four year public 6.8% 7.1% 7.5%
    Colorado 10.8% 11.6% 11.3%
    CU Boulder 3.2% 3.1% 3.1%

    Detailed reports

    • FY 2016 3-year cohort (PDF) (Final)
    • CU Boulder default rates over time (Excel) - shows official and preliminary rates for each cohort. Updated with official rates in Sept. or October (e.g., Sept 2015, official FY2012 rates released).
    • Please refer to the Cohort Default Rate Guide for a more in-depth description of cohort default rates, how the rates are calculated and more information on default rates by state and institution type on the US Department of Education Federal Student Aid webpage.

    Graduate Financial Aid