Starting in 2018, individuals in ODA, in partnership with faculty involved in the Discipline Based Educational Research (DBER) group, designed a progression through an undergraduate major visualization data tool, which tracks how individual students and aggregates of students enter and leave academic degree programs. This tool tracks students’ progress through the major and whether late entry into the major is likely to impede subsequent success. Deeper dives are possible that track the characteristics of students who enter and leave a major such as GPA, which courses they have taken, etc.


Units in the 2018-19 Academic Review and Planning (ARP) review cycle cohort received these visualizations as a pilot to test the use and utility of these visualizations. Additional enhancements occurred in 2019 based on feedback from campus stakeholders that resulted in enhanced visualizations for the College of Arts & Sciences Social Sciences units in the 2019-20 Academic Review and Planning review cohort. These visualizations are part of the data-analysis toolkit for departments assessing the effectiveness of their curriculum, both as part of program review and in follow-up or supplemental assessments.

Access to Visualizations

At this time, access is determined at the unit level. If you are part of a department going through the ARP process, and would like access to this visualization tool, please reach out to your department chair.

Detailed Summary

Learn more about the details of the major progression visualization through the scholarly article titled "Identifying Students' Progress and Mobility Patterns in Higher Education Through Open-Source Visualization."