Relevant for departments or units that teach courses, have majors, grant degrees, and/or have sponsored research

  • The ARP process was initiated fall 2008, replacing the Program Review Panel (PRP) process. ARP uses standard "unit profiles" produced by ODA for units undergoing review in any year of the ARP cycle.
  • Major Progression visualization tool (beta) tracks progress through an undergraduate major, including how individual students and aggregates of students enter and leave academic degree programs

  • Student credit hours taught, over time (Excel) By college, sponsoring department, grad/undergrad level, and type of instructor: tenured and tenure-track, instructors and senior instructors, student titles (GPTI, TA, etc.), and other. Includes sample analyses
  • Faculty Course Questionnaire results for student evaluations of teaching; enables downloading multiple term results by subject, college, course, or instructor, in user-specified formats.

Available via email request

  • Seniors: Senior Survey/Senior Future Plans Survey - Results by college/division and academic department 
  • Alumni - Results by degree level and degree program.
  • Request survey highlights online now