The course enrollment insights tool provides class-level historical and current enrollment data for all academic programs to inform course planning via an easy-to-use dashboard.

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*Access to the course enrollment insights tool is limited. Please consult with your department chair for access.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This tool was developed in response to requests from campus stakeholders and in partnership with Academic Affairs, the College of Arts & Sciences, and Data & Analytics. It assists colleges, schools and departments in examining enrollment patterns for individual courses (and course sections) to make future scheduling decisions easier and more data-informed. 

  • A prototype of the tool will be available in early fall 2023 and will include fall 2023 enrollment data. 
  • An updated version with spring 2024 enrollment data will be available later in fall 2023.

  • Access to this tool is restricted to those whose roles at the university include course and enrollment responsibilities.
  • This includes chairs, associate chairs, directors, deans (including associate and assistant deans) and some administrative positions. 
  • If there is someone else in your unit with course and enrollment planning responsibilities who requires access please submit a request and indicate that the chair, director, or dean of the relevant unit has approved access.

This tool can inform answers to questions like “Do I need to open up another section of a particular course?” and “Why aren’t some of our classes filling as expected?”

The course enrollment insights tool is designed to complement existing scheduling tools, such as the tools managed by the Office of the Registrar, not replace them.