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We’d like to welcome you to the Reporting & Analytics website. The team will use this space to update you on what’s going on in the Reporting & Analytics arm of the Office of Data Analytics. Our aim is transparency, so the team will periodically let you know what we’re working on, what’s been successful, what’s failed and what we find interesting in our pursuit to build new tools for the campus. A bit of background on our team is below.

Reporting & Analytics itself was formed to meet three main goals. The first is to establish a repository, the Analytics Hub, where most of the campus’s data will be brought together and cleaned to provide a single stop warehouse of the campus’s information in a secure and dependable environment. The second goal is to take that information and turn it into meaningful and engaging reports, dashboards and visualizations that give the campus access to data, which is called the Analytics 360 portal. Lastly, using predictive algorithms and data mining techniques, the team will take that data and turn it into actionable insights, such as predicting student retention or space needs just to name a couple of use cases, and that will be our Analytic Insights platform. These three tools, Analytics Hub, Analytics 360 and Analytic Insights, will hopefully meet the needs of campus reporting and provide an apparatus for more data-driven decision-making. Right now we’re a very lean team, with two members: The Director of Reporting and Analytics and our ETL Developer/Programmer, but will be hiring a Data Scientist soon, and will add on a team of developers as the project progresses. The most important member of our team, though, is you! Now don’t judge me for that obvious cliché, as it really is very important for the Reporting and Analytics team to learn as much as possible about the folks around campus who are interested in this endeavor, and who can benefit from using the tools that we will produce. If you have any questions, comments, feedback or concerns, please send them over to our project address: x+147706807531443 AT mail DOT asana DOT com 

We’re really excited to get underway with the projects, the new team, and working with all of you.

The Reporting and Analytics Team
Office of Data Analytics