Subrecipients, also known as subawardees or subcontractors, may be involved in certain proposal submissions. If you have any questions regarding whether or not collaborators should be designated as consultants versus subrecipients,  please use the tools found at at or if you still have questions contact your Proposal Analyst.

OCG requires the following documents of all subrecipients on a CU sponsored project budget:

  • Subrecipient Budget (Detailed budget approved by the subcontractor’s grants or business office; a budget submitted on behalf of a subcontractor by our Principal Investigator (PI) is not acceptable)
  • Prime Award Budget with Subrecipient as Line Item
  • Subrecipient Budget Justification in narrative format that must justify all costs in the budget
  • Statement of Work (Revised Statement of Work if Scope of Work Changed from Proposal)
  • Signed Subrecipient Commitment Form or Sub Statement of Collaborative Intent (for use with FDP Universities)
  • Sole Source Justification
  • Sub Review Form
  • Human and/or Animal Subjects Approvals, if applicable
  • Any Special Terms that the PI would like to add (reports, communication, deliverables, etc.)
  • Subrecipient’s Federally Negotiated Indirect Cost Rate Agreement (statement of how indirect cost rate is determined)
  • Export Control Information (foreign nationals, home country) if applicable
  • Requisition in Marketplace
  • IDC Rate Agreement or a similar document that states their Indirect Cost rate (overhead)


  • R&R Budget Form (Your Proposal Analyst can help determine whether or not an R&R Budget Form is required and share the appropriate form with the subrecipient’s grants or business office.)
  • Some proposals may require other supporting documents such as biographical sketches, current and pending support information, etc. Your Proposal Analyst will help you to determine if additional files are required.

For each subcontractor on a contract proposal or award, the PI must complete and sign a Sole Source Justification form, which should be returned to the Proposal Analyst for inclusion with the subcontractor documents above.  The sole source justification is only required from subawardees for contract proposals and awards and is not required for grant proposals and awards.

In addition to completing the Sole Source Justification and coordinating with subrecipient project members on the technical portions of the proposal, the PI is responsible for reviewing the subrecipient’s Statement of Work and Budget to ensure that they are accurate and reflect what they have agreed upon