This form should be completed any time tagged equipment or untagged non-capital property will be disposed of using any of the outlined methods described in this doucment. (with exception of non-capital EXCESS items).

IMPORTANT! This form must be completed for any item with a CU ID tag or any any item being disposed of outside of Property Services.

If sponsored project non-capital property is being transferred to another institution, list those items on this form even though they are not in PeopleSoft Asset Management (PSAM). This form will follow an approval path and items cannot be released for disposal until all offices have signed off on the equipment. In order to initiate the process for disposing of tagged equipment or untagged non-capital property purchased with sponsored project funds, please complete this form and make sure to upload any required supplemental documentation.

If you experience technical difficulties with this form, please contact Betty Rasmussen.

The submitter will complete the disposal request and sign first.
The Equipment Custodian will review the completed disposal request and sign second.

Click on Submit to proceed to the Property Disposal Request form in DocuSign.