All travel by OCG employees must be approved by the Director and/or Deputy Director before any travel arrangements are made.

After travel is approved, there are numerous resources from the Procurement Service Center and within OCG to help you navigate travel before, during and after the trip.

Before you travel

Travel Card

  • You will need to obtain a travel card and you should start this process as soon as possible. 
  • Complete the two trainings and submit a travel card request through Concur.
  • Your travel card should be used for registration fees, hotel, parking and transportation.

Resource: Travel card information & Step-by-step guide to request Travel Card

Book the Trip


PSC Travel

During your trip

  • Use per diem for your meals. DO NOT use your travel card to pay for your meals.
  • Pay for personal expenses with personal funds.
  • Keep itemized receipts for all official function meals.
  • Alcohol is not a reimbursable expense.
  • Keep itemized receipts for other charges if over $75.
  • e-Receipt is available for some lodging and rental car bookings through Concur. Paper receipts are not required if the vendor supplies an e-Receipt.

When you return

  • You will need to create an expense report.
  • Remember to create an itinerary at the beginning of report.
  • Claim your per diem in the itinerary part of the expense report. 
  • DO NOT claim meals that have been provided by the conference/event.
  • If you miss a meal that was provided as part of the conference registration you will not be compensated.  We cannot pay twice for a meal.
  • Double check your approval flow and allocate your expenses to our SpeedType. If you do not know our SpeedType, please contact Jessica Trowbridge for this information.


PSC Concur Travel and Expense

Travel Information Flier