Health & Safety Policy Protocols

On June 23rd, it was announced in CU Boulder Today that Chancellor DiStefano has approved and put into effect immediately the campus COVID-19 Health and Safety Policy. The policy is divided into two sections with the first section outlining which employees should come to work and when. The second sets expectations for everyone coming to campus for social distancing, personal protective equipment, cleaning, protocols for those who are sick, health and safety training, and enforcement.

In order for you to go on campus and to the ARCE building, the new Health and Safety policy requires us to complete the Skillsoft COVID training, and on the day of your scheduled pick-up time complete the Health Questionnaire Form. Below are instructions for finding the training and form. 

Finding the Training, Buff Pass & ARC Building Arrival/Departure Webform

  • Complete the online COVID training in Skillsoft that all employees need to complete before returning to campus for any reason.

    • Search for the course CU: COVID-19 Safety and Awareness- CU Boulder in Skillsoft

    • Email your completed certificate for the course to Jessica T. and Regina for our recordkeeping.

  • Fill out the CU Buff Pass found on this webpage

  • You need your BuffOne Card to enter ACRE.  You will need swipe access.  If you do not have access, please send the last 7 digits of your BuffOne card to and  If you are ever having issues getting into the building, contact Campus Security for help 303-492-6666.

  • Complete the OCG ARCE Building Arrival & Departure webform upon arrival and departure in the event contact tracing is required. The webform asks for your name and to indicate arriving and complete it again when departing. Through the web submission process it will provide the date and time stamp we would need for contact tracing.

Ergonomic & Workstation Resources

Working from home: Resources for staying productive, effective and connected

Ergonomics 101

CU HR Resources

Resources Include:

  1. COVID-19 HR Processes & FAQ

  2. Furlough & Unemployment

  3. Supervisor Resources 

  4. Self-Care Resources

  5. Learning & Development Resources