photo of a meeting room no peopleOCG has several resources to help staff set-up and manage meetings. The resources found in the navigation provide guidance in scheduling rooms, setting up conference calls and help with the technologies OCG has to connect remote employees into meetings.

Best Practices

Remote meeting attendance is becoming commonplace, so plan it into your meetings by setting up Zoom or other remote attendance options when you schedule the meeting.

Consider the nature of the meeting to determine what technologies will best serve your meeting needs for both those in attendance and those joining remotely.

Know your tools - practice setting up the equipment in advance! And, give yourself extra time before the scheduled start of a meeting to set-up and test all fo the equipment.

Have a Plan B if one technology fails.

Have designated roles for meeting facilitator, technology support and a chat moderator.

Actively engage everyone - include remote attendees - in the meeting discussion.

Everyone participating in-person or remotely should be mindful of speaking clearly and projecting without yelling.

When attending remotely, mute your microphones if your location has excessive background noise and earbuds or headphones are preferable to avoid audio feedback and echo.