Office/Building Maintenance

Building Repairs

Elevator, bathroom or kitchen sink problems, etc. 

Email Building Proctor: Sam Miller

Office Repairs

No heat, lights burned out, etc.

Send request via email to:  Jessica Trowbridge

*If Jessica is out of the office, please contact Sam Miller. If Sam is unavailable please call FACMAN directly 303-492-5522

Emergency Evacuation

If you are in the ARCE location (or any building on campus) and fire alarms sound, your first priority is to get out of the building. If you are in your office in ARCE, close the door behind you and take the closest stairs outside and move away from the building. Once you are safely outside, please notify your supervisor that there was an alarm and that you are safe. When a supervisor has been alerted, they will share with the other managers and each manager is responsible for checking in with their staff that may have been at the building via Slack, Teams or other agreed upon communication tools for the team.

Mail Room

The mail room is located in the Basement, Room 33.

Address inter-campus mail envelopes with person’s name and campus box.

Name:   John Doe

Campus box 347 UCB; UCD (Denver campus), HSC (Health Science Center)

Off-campus mail requires a stamp or a speedtype noted in the upper left corner of the envelope.

The speedtype for OCG is 11020671.


Our Mailing address is:

3100 Marine Street

572 UCB

Boulder, CO 80309-0572

Our Physical address is:

3100 Marine Street

4th floor (Enter your room #)

Boulder, CO 80303


Contact Jessica Trowbridge and obtain OCG’s FedEx account number. Take the documents and account number to a FedEx office. FedEx will charge the OCG account number to ship the package. The closest FedEx Print & Ship Center to the OCG office is located at 2795 Pearl Street, Suite 104, Boulder, CO 80302. If you prefer, you can contact Jessica and obtain her login for the FedEx website. Login and print the FedEx label and drop off at a FedEx drop box. The closest drop box is located at The Mail Station, 1740 30th Street, Ste 1, Boulder, CO 80301.  FedEx envelopes are located in room 470 in the black filing cabinet across from the copier.

Loaner Laptop

Loaner Laptops are located in room 470 in the black filing cabinet. Be sure to sign out the laptop with your name, laptop number and cord number in the sign-out binder.

Lock Box with Office Key

In the case that an employee forgets their office key or is locked out of their office, there is a Lock Box with an office key located on the doorknob of room 470. Please reach out to Jessica T., Alexa, or Nicole J. for the code if you need to use it.

Employment Verification

Many occasions require faculty and staff to provide verification of their employment, salary or termination with the University of Colorado. Whether applying for a loan, government programs, housing or other services, CU employees can provide proof of their employment and income history 24/7.

CU has partnered with CCC Verify, an online service that enables organizations such as lenders and government agencies to access key employment data for CU employees. This platform also allows employees to issue verification letters and reports, review their information for accuracy, dispute inaccurate data and control access to their information with security keys.

Employees are not required to establish an account for outside organizations to verify their CU employment information through CCC Verify, but they will need to create an account in order to use the features listed above. To get started, visit the Employment Verification information page.

Letterhead, Fax Cover Sheets and Other Office Templates

These documents are located on the OCG Teams/Sharepoint site.

Cleaning Supplies

The office has a vacuum, dusters, disinfecting wipes, and windex wipes for staff use in room 470. You are responsible for cleaning your work area.

Office Supplies

All office supplies are located in the silver cabinet in room 470. If there is an item you would like that is not in the cabinet, locate the item on  Email Jessica Trowbridge with SUPPLY REQUEST in the regarding line of the email with your item request and item number. Send at least three selections in case the first two are out of stock or not on contract. If there are any follow-up questions with the request, Jessica will contact you directly.

Exercise Room 

There is an exercise room and showers available in ARC’s basement.  There is no charge to use these facilities. Please contact Jane Slauson if you are interested in getting access to the space.

Animals on Campus

If you come across an injured or dead animal, report it to the CU Facilities Management (FM) service desk at 303-492-5522 so that designated campus employees can properly assist or remove the animal. You can find more information here.

Voicemail to Email

Click here to sign up for your voicemails to be emailed to your CU email address.

Microsoft Teams Call Guide

Click here for the Microsoft Teams guide which includes guides for making calls and checking voicemails.

Contractor Whistleblower Protection Notice for Employees

The Contractor Whistleblower Protection Notice to Employees is provided to University employees to inform them of their reporting obligations related to sponsor funded research and protections under the policies of the University of Colorado and laws of the State of Colorado and U.S. Federal government.