Cost sharing essentially means that CU Boulder is “donating” money, employee effort, or tangible goods toward the direct costs of a sponsored research project. Such contributions may be made by CU Boulder, the Principal Investigator (PI), or by other third parties, but all are a form of cost share. According to CU Boulder's Cost Sharing Policy, cost share is generally prohibited unless it is specifically mandated by the sponsor or program guidelines and/or in the best interests of CU Boulder.

As soon as you identify a funding opportunity that requires cost share, please contact your Proposal Analyst. Your Proposal Analyst will guide you through all of the cost share requirements, including obtaining official CU Boulder or other commitments, properly formatting your Excel budget to clearly show all cost share commitments, and completing the Cost Sharing Addendum.

For detailed information about cost share at the proposal stage, see Proposals and Cost Share

Review the Campus Controller’s Office webpage for further information and requirements.