Research Across the CU Boulder Campus

Research Institutes 56% Colleges, Schools & Divisions 44%


Fiscal Year 2018 Awards Summary by Colleges and Research Institutes

CU Boulder is a globally-leading, research-intensive public university that is one of 62 members of the Association of American Universities (AAU) - an organization of leading public and private research universities. 

CU Boulder is home to over 2,000 research faculty. These nationally and internationally recognized faculty have built a global reputation for outstanding teaching, research and creative work across more than 150 academic fields for an undergraduate and graduate student population over 29,000.

Nine colleges and schools offer 90+ degree programs and more than 3,600 academic courses. Over 2,000 undergraduate students get involved yearly in hands-on research projects and academic programs.

CU Boulder’s research institutes account for more than half of all sponsored research dollars at the university—and they employ some of the most productive researchers in the country. With more than 900 researchers, students and supporting staff, the institutes significantly contribute to the university’s research and education missions as well as the local and area economy.

In addition to the research institutes, there are nearly 90 research centers housed within academic departments or as subsets of the research institutes themselves. They can be found across academic disciplines, including humanities and the arts, social sciences, natural sciences, engineering, business and law.

Research Institutes by the Numbers

Laboratory for Atmospheric & Space Physics (LASP) $113,940,378
Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES) $86,710,103
JILA $25,929,021
Institute of Arctic & Alpine Research (INSTAAR) $12,892,680
Institute of Cognitive Science (ICS) $12,036,080
Institute of Behavioral Science (IBS) $11,442,537
BioFrontiers Institute $7,784,523
Institute for Behavioral Genetics (IBG) $7,120,658
Renewable & Sustainable Energy Institute (RASEI) $5,512,160
University of Colorado Museum of Natural History $2,185,966
Total $285,554,106