The Faculty and Administrators Advisory Board for Research Administration was formed to advise the central office in identifying processes and methods to enhance research administration throughout the lifecycle of a sponsored award. The Advisory Board also builds a responsive central office supportive of faculty and department administrators that meet the campus compliance requirements.

The Advisory Board is comprised of faculty, senior staff representatives and department administrators from across the University who interface with the conduct and administration of research. Members serve as liaisons to the broader campus community to ensure that the full breadth of input is considered.

Advisory Board Goals

  • Enhance communication between faculty researchers, senior staff, and department administrators through implementation of a forum for sharing the Research Administration's strategic priorities and initiatives
  • Provide proactive and productive input to the central Research Administration’s Office of Contracts and Grants and the Campus Controller's Office to allow the central office to understand the needs and priorities of faculty while identifying improvements in processes, outreach, and training
  • Review and provide feedback on metrics and reporting methods
  • Review changes to business processes, technologies, and interfaces to improve research administration and promote an environment of collaboration and compliance
  • Identify areas for improvement that will increase efficiencies and reduce administrative burden for researchers and departmental staff
  • Provide transparency pertaining to processes and changes in central research administration for investigators and research personnel

Membership and Service

Members serve for a 24-month term and are comprised of 12 representatives from faculty, research staff department administrators, and two senior leaders from the Campus Controller's Office and the Office of Contracts and Grants. 

The Advisory Board is chaired by the senior leadership of the central office of Research Administration, rotating between the Office of Contracts and Grants and Campus Controller's Office. Meetings are convened at least twice during the academic year.

Current Board Members

Ryan Bachtell Professor, Psychology
Abby Benson Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation
John Cumalat Professor, Physics
G Lang Farmer Associate Dean for Natural Sciences
Patrick Kociolek Director, Museum of Natural History, Professor Ecology &Evolutionary Biology 
Leila McCamey Campus Controller's Office, ex officio
Bob McGrath Director, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute
Laura Ragin Controller – Boulder campus, ex officio
Gretchen Richard Finance Director, Pre-and Post Award Administration, CIRES
Linda Rose Coordinator for Research Facilitation, College of Engineering & Applied Science
Randy Siders Executive Associate Director, Laboratory for Atmospheric & Space Physics
Sean Shelby Chief Financial Manager & Assistant to the Director, Institute for Behavioral Genetics
Lee Silbert Director Operations & Finance Management, Biofrontiers Institute
Denitta Ward Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research & Director, OCG, ex officio