Published: Jan. 24, 2022

An updated Proposal Submission Request (PSR) form has been posted on the Office of Contracts and Grants (OCG) forms webpage and is required for all submissions beginning Tuesday, February 1, 2022. Prior PSR forms should not be used as they do contain current information and representations required for proposal submission.

Summary of Updates

  • Revised several questions to be more concise on the information being requested
  • Updated section guidance to reflect current information, web resources and fix broken links
  • Added questions concerning equipment fabrication and use of CU Core Facilities
  • Modified content within the DEPA and Sponsor Assurances sections to reflect an acknowledgement of understanding rather than yes/no responses
  • Added certification for Combating Trafficking in Persons

Technical Tips for the PSR

  • Download the form and open in Adobe Acrobat Reader to complete form fields.
  • It is recommended to Print to PDF after signing to ensure all entries save properly. Mac users must Print to PDF before sending in order for the completed fields to be visible when opened on a Windows system.

A field-by-field user guide is available on the OCG forms webpage, and questions regarding proposal submission or completion of the PSR should be directed to your assigned Proposal Analyst.