Fellowships for researchers in measurement science and engineering are available from the University of Colorado at Boulder, by funding from the National Institute for Standards and Technology's American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Measurement Science and Engineering Fellowship Program (NIST-ARRA). These fellowships are offered at the undergraduate student, graduate student, post-doctoral researcher, and senior researcher levels. Fellows positions are available for highly-qualified U.S. citizens and non-citizens with excellent records in Measurement Science and Engineering.

Please see the Position Announcements in the links to the left.

While this program is administered at the University of Colorado at Boulder, the fellows' main measurement science and engineering activities will take place at the NIST Boulder Laboratories. Links to laboratories can be found in the NIST Labs link to the left.

These Position Announcements are also coordinated with the University of Maryland, for positions at NIST Laboratories in Maryland and South Carolina. Please observe in the Announcements that there are different e-mail addresses for the programs coordinated in Maryland and in Colorado.

This NIST cooperative grant is administered through the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Professors Zoya Popovic (College of Engineering and Applied Sciences) and Daniel Dessau (Department of Physics, College of Arts and Sciences) are Co-Principal Investigators.

To apply for a NIST-ARRA Fellowship in Colorado, please fill out this form.

The program is presently in the initial organizational phase. If you are interested in more details of this program, please send an email indicating the level of fellowship of interest or other program queries.