CU Launches Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs

At CU Boulder, a student’s vision for a new venture, not a professor’s lecture, is the driving force in an entrepreneurial curriculum. Couple that with the university mobilizing powerful resources across campus and in the community to support projects, and CU has become the leading national public university in entrepreneurship. Associate Professor Brad Bernthal will give you an insider's look at how CU is shaping the startup scene through the lens of a wildly successful student-run STEM toy company.

Brad BernthalBrad Bernthal  is an associate professor at Colorado Law specializing in startups, entrepreneurial law and early-stage finance, such as angel investment and venture capital. In the classroom, Brad leads the Entrepreneurial Law Clinic and co-teaches a venture capital course. Brad is also the founder and director of the Silicon Flatirons Center's Entrepreneurship Initiative, connecting the CU Boulder campus with the Front Range's high-tech entrepreneurial community.