­Leading students to leadership

Photo of Ralphie the Buffalo with Be Boulder in LeadershipLeadership is not reserved for the chosen few, but is rather a necessary component of every individual's success. This success translates directly to business, government, non-profit institutions and the community and civic activities that make up our society.

The expectations and demands when you enter the workforce are so much more than technical expertise in your chosen field. Businesses and organizations desire ethical and creative people that have the ability to innovate, execute and communicate effectively.

The Leadership Studies Minor is a valuable academic program available to all undergraduates regardless of major or college. The Leadership Studies Minor provides academically based leadership training that incorporates:

• Understanding the broad context of leadership theory;
• Gaining a historical context of leadership;
• Developing core competencies;
• Practicing and observing leadership experiences.

By including the Leadership Studies Minor with your chosen field of study, you will develop essential skills that will set you apart and provide and important credential in your job exploration.

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