Monique K. LeBourgeois

Integrative Physiology; Member of the Center for Neuroscience

Department of Integrative Physiology
Campus Box 354
Carlson Gym 202D
University of Colorado Boulder
Boulder, CO 80309-345

Phone: 303-492-7663
FAX: 303-492-6778
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Dr. LeBourgeois is director of the Sleep and Development Laboratory at the University of Colorado Boulder. She received her Ph.D. in experimental psychology from the University of Southern Mississippi in 2003. She subsequently completed a NIMH T-32 postdoctoral fellowship in Child Mental Health at the Alpert Medical School of Brown University (Sleep and Chronobiology Research Laboratory). In 2005, she joined the faculty at Brown University (Human Development) and the Alpert Medical School of Brown University (Psychiatry and Human Behavior). Dr. LeBourgeois was appointed Assistant Professor of Integrative Physiology at the University of Colorado Boulder in 2010.

Dr. LeBourgeois' research focuses on the intimate intertwining between sleeping and waking brain activity, physiology, and behavior during early childhood. One line of research longitudinally examines changes in sleep and circadian physiology across early childhood using daytime nap/overnight sleep EEG recordings and dim light salivary melatonin assessments. Another line of research involves the behavioral and physiological effects of sleep restriction on young children's emotion processing and stress reactivity. Other collaborative lines of work involve large-scale investigations of the social/demographic predictors of bedtime routines and sleep, as well as relationships between sleep and health/developmental outcomes (e.g. asthma, obesity, emotion regulation, verbal ability) in at-risk children. The collective goal of this research is to develop an integrative longitudinal understanding of such brain-behavior processes, which may uncover important points of entry for prevention and treatment of mental illness and physical disease.

Selected Publications:

LeBourgeois MK, Giannotti F, Wolfson A, & Harsh, J. The relationship between sleep quality and sleep hygeine in Italian and American adolescents (2005). Pediatrics(1), 115: 257-65.

Jenni O, LeBourgeois MK (2006). Understanding sleep-wake behavior and sleep disorders in children: The value of a model. Current Opinions in Psychiatry, 19: 282-287.

Gribbin, C., Watamura, S.E., Cairns, A., Harsh, J., & LeBourgeois, M.K. (2012). The cortisol awakening response (CAR) in 2- to 4-year-old children:  effects of acute nighttime sleep restriction, wake time, and daytime napping. Developmental Psychobiology, 54(4), 412-422.

Berger, R.H., Miller, A.L., Seifer, R., Cares, S.R., LeBourgeois, M.K.  (2012).  Acute sleep restriction effects on emotion responses in 30- to 36-month old children.  Journal of Sleep Research, 21(3), 235-246.