Gregory Carey
Associate Professor
Psychology and Neuroscience • Institute for Behavioral Genetics

Department of Psychology and Neuroscience, Campus Box 345
Muen. D261B
University of Colorado at Boulder
Boulder, CO 80309-0345

Dr. Carey's major research interest is in the development and testing of mathematical models that relate genes to behavior and that go beyond simple estimates of heritability and genetic correlations. To this end, he is developing models that attempt to quantify, for example, the extent to which genetic transmission of personality traits can explain some part of the genetic transmission of certain forms of psychopathology.

Selected Publications:

Miles,D., & Carey,G, (1997). The genetic and environmental architercture of human aggression. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 72, 207-217.

DiLalla,D.L., Gottesman,I.I., Carey,G. (2000). Madness beyopnd the threshold? Associations between personality and psychopathology. In Molfese,V.J. & Molfese, D.L. (Eds.) Temperament and Personality Development Across the Life Span. Mawah NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. Pp. 177-210.

Carey, G. (2002) Human Genetics for the Social Sciences. Thousand Oaks CA: Sage.