Image of good philosophers in Boulder

From July 6 to July 31, 2015, the University of Colorado Boulder hosted an NEH Summer Institute for College and University Teachers. The Institute funded a group of 20 scholars to gather in Boulder and study how medieval scholastic philosophy gradually gave way to the mechanistic philosophy of the seventeenth century. Over the course of these four weeks, a team of eight internationally-recognized experts led a series of daily seminars on figures ranging from Thomas Aquinas to René Descartes. The seminar began with the foundational conception of science among scholastic Aristotelians, worked through the rise of nominalism, the influence of Platonism, the challenge of religious conflict, and finally culminated in the new science and philosophy of the mid-seventeenth century. This web site serves as a record of that event. It includes the syllabus of readings, as well as handouts from all of the lectures and reading groups, and videos of selected presentations.


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