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The power of music: from our supporters

becky roserBecky Roser Since I was a small child, I’ve been interested in the arts—especially music. No longer a piano player, I’m a steadfast concertgoer, and there are many opportunities to hear superb music in the Boulder area. I’m continually delighted to know that many of the performers here and across the country are graduates of the College of Music. 

Current and former students are important not only to the local music scene, but also to the music pipeline, in general—whether it’s classical music, jazz, composition, experimental music or opera. The college is multifaceted. It provides exceptional education to students, and it’s an important gateway for the community at large to connect with the university.

The outstanding College of Music faculty inspires, mentors and educates wonderfully talented young musicians. I’m in awe of their dedication and hard work! I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know many students through the Adopt-a-Student program and other initiatives. We’ve kept in touch, and they’ve shared their experiences at CU Boulder with me. Without exception, they emphasize the unique, friendly environment during their years of study.  

Having been a member of the Music Advisory Board for many years, I’ve also developed friendships with other board members, staff and faculty members. It’s heartwarming and fulfilling to be a part of such a committed group of people.

The welcoming and inspiring atmosphere created by the College of Music family brings me such joy. It’s a special place that produces outstanding musicians in a supportive environment, while providing the community with so many opportunities to grow creatively.

At the College of Music, it’s about excellence and promoting success among the students, the faculty, the friends and the supporters. I’m proud to be involved.

–Becky Roser

Becky Roser is a longtime supporter of the College of Music and the University of Colorado Boulder. In 2016, she led a fundraising campaign to refinish the pianos in Grusin Music Hall; in 2017, she endowed the Roser Piano and Keyboard Program.

jack and jeannie thompsonJack and Jeannie Thompson The College of Music faculty and staff are essential in our lives. Neither of us can claim the musical instincts or talent that characterize the faculty and students, but we appreciate what they do and the way they do it. We love jazz, and we see that love reflected in the program—in the kinds of students CU Boulder attracts and the caliber of musicians that graduate.

Years ago, when we were first considering a gift to the College of Music, we weren’t sure which program we wanted to support. We weighed several areas of priority that then-Dean Dan Sher described to us. We knew that we wanted to make an impact on the student experience—to make the college the best it could be. Jazz was most attractive to us. Later, we were fortunate to meet Maria Schneider, one of today’s premiere jazz composers. She was visiting the College of Music, doing master classes and performing orchestral music with our jazz students. She had a huge impact on them and the university. We knew then that we wanted our gift to enrich the jazz program.

We’re pleased that it’s now more possible for John Gunther, head of the program, and other jazz faculty members to bring in guest artists to enhance the learning experience of their students. We want students like Danny Meyer, Annie Booth and Greg Wahl to be able to leave CU Boulder not only with a degree, but with the expertise and musical knowledge to succeed anywhere. We’ve been impressed by so many young musicians that we want to do everything we can to give them a boost.

We were happy to see that our gift, a few years later, set the tone for other named programs at the College of Music. It’s an honor to have a meaningful influence on the lives of so many artists. That’s why we continue to attend as many concerts as we can, and why we continue to support the college.

–Jack and Jeannie Thompson

The Thompsons are music lovers and dedicated supporters of CU Boulder. In 2013, they gave $1.6 million to the College of Music to endow the Thompson Jazz Studies Program.