The mission of the College of Music at CU Boulder is excellence in music through distinguished instruction in performance, composition, musicology, theory and teacher preparation for our graduate and undergraduate students, and to provide opportunities for performance, creative activities, research and scholarship and teaching experiences.

The college is dedicated to:

  • Providing music majors and non-majors the opportunity to develop their knowledge, understanding and ability in the various aspects of music at a level appropriate to their needs and interests 
  • Preparing students for careers as performers, composers, scholars, teachers, administrators and other professionals in the field of music 
  • Broadening and deepening the knowledge and understanding of music through research, teaching, creative activities, and publication 
  • Enriching the lives of students and faculty as well as the community, state, nation and the world with performances of a wide variety of music presentations and publications

The College of Music is an academic community committed to maintaining a climate of mutual respect and collegiality. The members of this community:

  • Share a spirit of cooperation and helpful, constructive, and friendly consideration for each other’s activities 
  • Maintain open communication in both formal and informal contexts 
  • Defend academic freedom
  • Encourage an environment of safety and well-being
  • Show respect for a diversity of musical cultures and individual backgrounds