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For the next 18-plus months, many of the College of Music faculty and administration will be working out of new locations as the 64,000-square-foot addition to Imig Music Building goes up before our eyes. While we await our new home, some faculty and staff will be located in Carlson Gym, and others will be in the new CASE building across the street from Imig. Here is a list of where you can find everyone who has moved until the new wing opens in late 2020.


Brass and Percussion

Douglas Walter: Carlson 206TT


Matthew Dockendorf: Carlson 206FF
Gary Lewis: Carlson 206KK
Donald McKinney: Carlson 206LL
Branden Steinmetz: Carlson 206GG

Music Education

David Rickels: Imig N120

Piano and Keyboard

Andrew Cooperstock: Carlson 206AA
Alejandro Cremaschi: Carlson 206HH
Jennifer Hayghe: Carlson 206EE
Robert Hill: Carlson 206DD
David Korevaar: Carlson 206MM
Margaret McDonald: Imig E255
Alexandra Nguyen: Imig E250


Yoshiyuki Ishikawa: Carlson 206JJ
Christina Jennings: Carlson 206NN
Tom Myer: Carlson 206RR
Daniel Silver: Carlson 206QQ

Administration and Staff

Dean’s Office

Elise Campbell: CASE E390A
Alexander George: CASE E390F
Mike Johnston: CASE E390N
David Mallett: CASE E390P
Arianne Powell: CASE E390B
Robert Shay: CASE E394
Katie Skayhan: CASE E390J

Academic Services

Matthew Roeder: CASE E390R
Margaret Berg: CASE E390G
Veronica Greuel: CASE E390C
Felicia Hamilton: CASE E390D
Victoria Ibarra: CASE E390M
Chris Martin: CASE E390K
Leah Smith: CASE E390L


Emily Chesnic: Folsom Field Gate 1, Office 100
Courtney Rowe: Folsom Field Gate 1, Office 100


John Davis: CASE E390S
Peggy Hinton: Imig C119A
Laura Graham: Carlson 206CC
Devin Welch: Imig C119

All faculty and staff who have not moved into temporary office locations can be found in the offices noted in the Faculty/Staff Directory.