Yunping Xi
Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering

ECOT 547

MSE Areas: Cementitious materials, fiber-reinforced polymers, corrosion of metals, radiation shielding, solid waste recycling, multi-ionic diffusion, phase change materials, carbon-nanotubes

I have been working on two research areas that are closely related to MSE.

(1) Development of sustainable construction materials. Reutilization of various solid wastes in concrete such as fly ash, waste glass, waste tires, and recycled concrete. Applications of special additives in concrete, such as phase change materials and carbon nanotubes. Optimization of concrete mix designs.

(2) Theoretical analysis and experimental study on long term durability of cementitious materials and reinforced concrete structures, including creep, shrinkage, fracture, freeze/thaw, and alkali-silica reaction of concrete; high temperature damage and radiation effect on concrete; chemical and moisture transport in concrete; and chloride-induced corrosion of steel in concrete.

Selected Publications and Accomplishments

Meshgin, P., Li, Y., and Xi, Y. (2012) “Utilization of Phase Change Materials and Rubber Particles to Improve Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Mortar”, Construction & Building Materials, 28, 713-721.

Lee, J.S., Xi, Y., Willam, K., and Jung, Y. (2009) “A Multiscale Model for Modulus of Elasticity of Concrete at High Temperatures”, Cement and Concrete Research, 39, 754–762.

Koller, R., Chang, S.Y., and Xi, Y. (2007) “Fiber Reinforced Polymer Bars under Freeze-Thaw Cycles and Different Loading Rates”, Journal of Composite Materials, 41(1), 5-25.