Wei Zhang

Ekeley M343

MSE Areas: Organic functional materials, porous frameworks, organic molecular cage, shape-persistent macrocycle,carbon capture, polymer chemistry, supramolecular chemistry, artificial photosynthesis, organic nanotube

The research in my group is focused on the design and synthesis of novel organic functional materials targeting a broad range of environmental, energy and biological applications, such as gas separation/storage (e.g., carbon capture), hybrid nanocomposite fabrication, light harvesting, and nanomedicine. Our efforts in developing novel materials frequently lead us to explore new synthetic tools, particularly in the area of dynamic covalent chemistry (DCC) (e.g., metathesis reactions), which enable efficient materials synthesis.

Selected Accomplishments

2013 Alfred P. Sloan Research  Fellow

2011 NSF CAREER Award

2011 CU New Inventor of the Year