Teiernan Vandyke and Egyptian national in the desert, near a police truck
Graduate Student


  • Winner of The Citadels Baker Business Bowl for my teams senior design project: 3D plastic to filament recycler, dubbed Extrusionaire (2021)

  • The ASME Highest Achievement Mechanical Engineering Award (2021) from The Citadel.

Research and Personal Interests

Tiernan (left) finds the process of rapid prototyping via additive manufacturing fascinating and firmly holds that to go from a digital 3D model to a physical object in a single step is one of the purest forms of engineering design. As such he has sought out experience with 3D printers, from his senior project for Mechanical Engineering, to volunteering at the Mace Brown museum of natural history that uses 3D printing to model specimens for exhibition and research.

On a personal note, he and his family are avid travelers (at least before Covid-19), and his photo is from Wadi Al-Hitan, 150 miles southwest of Cairo, which is a UNESCO heritage site, and the remnants of the ancient Tethys Sea. On the recommendation of local authorities, they were provided a rather entertaining police escort (though honestly, the escort was really more of a perk for the police, as they regularly jumped sand dunes on the way out).