Shu-Wei Huang
Assistant Professor
Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering

The group is working in the field of broadly defined ultrafast optics, with specific research interests in nonlinear dynamics, optical devices, and biophotonics. We study novel nonlinear dynamics in micro- and nano-photonic structures, and incorporate the dynamics to enhance optical device performances with a focus on bio-sensing and bio-imaging applications. We are also interested in functional integration of photonic devices with microfluidic, MEMS, photopolymer, and 2D materials to broaden the scope of chip-scale sensing devices. In addition, we also study the carrier dynamics in mid-infrared and terahertz materials for next generation optoelectronics.

Selected Publications

  • B. Yao, Y. Liu, S.-W. Huang, et al., “Broadband gate-tunable THz plasmons in graphene heterostructures”, Nature Photon. 12, 22 (2017).
  • H. Zhou*, S.-W. Huang*, X. Li, et al., “Real-time dynamics and cross-correlation gating spectroscopy of free-carrier Drude slow-light solitons”, Light Sci. Appl. 6, e17008 (2017). *equal contribution
  • J. Wu*, S.-W. Huang*, Y. Huang, et al., “Mesoscopic chaos mediated by Drude electron-hole plasma in silicon optomechanical oscillators”, Nature Commun. 8, 15570 (2017). *equal contribution