Sanghamitra Neogi
Assistant Professor
Smead Aerospace Engineering Sciences

ECAE 155

MSE Areas: Structure-processing-(thermal)property relationships: Crystals, solid-fluid material interfaces, composites, low-dimensional systems, thermoelectric materials; Vibrations: waves (kHz- THz) and heat propagation, dissipative and nonlinear dynamics, nanohonononics; Analytical theory, classical and ab initio molecular dynamics simulations, muliscale methods.

My research is at the interface between the fields of materials physics and thermal sciences and focuses on theoretical studies of vibrational energy transport in a wide variety of systems using analytical methods and numerical tools. The overall aim is to formulate structure-processing-property relationships (SPPR) that connect nanoscale structures, dictated by methods of fabrication and processing, and thermal transport. Characterisation of SPPR ultimately empowers us to establish the rational design of materials with desired functionality. Specifically, my work entitles:

  • Characterisation of nanoscale structure and material-specific vibrational properties
  • Connecting vibrational and electronic properties to thermal transport in nanoscale devices
  • Tuning the structure-vibrational property interconnection at the nanoscale and thereby controlling macroscale device functionality

I have been actively involved in the multidisciplinary EUPHONON initiative which aims to manifest the universality of phononics in seemingly disconnected research fields and impact not only solid state physics and nanoelectronics but biosciences as well in which the role of phonons has been overlooked. Link:

Selected Publications and Accomplishments

S. Neogi et al (2015), “Tuning thermal transport in ultra-thin silicon membranes by surface nanoscale engineering” ACS Nano, Article ASAP, DOI 10.1021/nn506792d

S. Neogi and D. Donadio (2015), “Thermal transport in free-standing silicon membranes: Influence of dimensional reduction and surface nanostructures” Eur. phys. J. B, 88(3), 73 (2015)

N. Kumar, S. Neogi et al, “Hydrogen Bonds and Vibrations of Water on (110) Rutile,” J. Phys. Chem. C, 113, 13732-13740 (2009)