Robert McLeod
Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering


MSE Areas: Photopolymers, optical materials, optical characterization, organic electronics, photolithography, 3D structuring, biomaterials

Our research is at the interface of optics and materials science. We create materials with novel optical response and pattern them with precision optical instruments to fabricate devices used in medical imaging, photonic circuits, aerospace sensing, data storage and semiconductor lithography. We are particularly interested in organic materials such as polymers and their hybridization with optical, electronic and biological components to implement highly integrated systems with novel capabilities. These goals are supported by our custom suite of maskless optical lithography tools which include multiple 2D and 3D instruments with resolution down to 50 nm. These tools are complemented by a custom set of computational optical metrology instruments with precision down to one Angstrom, specifically designed to quantify materials and devices.

Selected Publications and Accomplishments

T. F. Scott, B. A. Kowalski, A. C. Sullivan, C.N. Bowman, R. R. McLeod, Two-Color Single-Photon Photoinitiation and Photoinhibition for Sub-diffraction Photolithography, Science 324, 913-917, 2009.

E. D. Moore, R. R. McLeod, Phase-sensitive swept-source interferometry for absolute ranging with application to measurements of group refractive index and thickness, Optics Express 19, 8117-8126, 2011.

A. C. Sullivan, M. W. Grabowski, R. R. McLeod, Three-dimensional direct-write lithography into photopolymer, Applied Optics 46, 295-301, 2007.

Awards in Last 5 Years

2010 NSF CAREER Award, Electrical, Communications and Cyber Systems Division of the Engineering Directorate.
2010 General Chair IEEE/OSA/SPIE Optical Data Storage Conference
2010 Best Student Poster Award, Adam Urness at the SPIE/CPIA Photonics Research in Colorado annual meeting
2010 Best Student Poster Award, Eric Moore at the SPIE/CPIA Photonics Research in Colorado annual meeting
2009 Dean’s Performance Award, College of Engineering and Applied Science
2009 CU Provost Faculty Achievement Award for Research
2008 Best Student Paper Award, Benjamin A. Kowalski at the IEEE/OSA/SPIE International Symposium on Optical Memory and Optical Data Storage
2007 Best Student Paper Award, Amy C. Sullivan at the OSA topical meeting on Controlling Light with Light: Photorefractive Effects, Photosensitivity, Fiber Gratings, Photonic Materials and More
2007 Best Student Poster Award, Eric Moore at the SPIE/CPIA Photonics Research in Colorado annual meeting

Patents in Last 5 Years

G. J. Tearney, B. E. Bouma, J. A. Gardecki, L. Liu, R. R. McLeod, “Systems, methods and computer-accessible medium which provide microscope images of at least one anatomical structure at a particular resolution,” US Patent filed Mar 7, 2011.

R. R. McLeod, A. Urness, M. Cole, E. Moore, “Liquid Deposition Photolithography,” US Patent 61/454,245 filed Mar 18, 2011,

E.D. Moore, R. R. McLeod, “Spectral Phase Analysis For Precision Ranging,” Filed: January 30, 2012

H. Schaub, K. Maute, R. McLeod, D.F. Moorer, Jr., “Electrostatic Lightweight and Deployable Spacecraft Structures,” US patent filed May 12, 2010

R. R. McLeod, C. N. Bowman, T. F. Scott, A. C. Sullivan, “Diffraction Unlimited Photolithography,” US patent filed Nov 14, 2008

E. D. Moore, R. R. McLeod, “System and method for correcting sampling errors associated with radiation source tuning rate fluctuations in interferometrically triggered swept-wavelength systems,” US patent filed Aug 2008

R. R. McLeod, “Three-Dimensional Direct Write Lithography”, US Application Publication 2009/0218519, Sep. 3, 2009

P. E. X. de Silveira, R. R. McLeod, USP 7,292,516, “Sensor optimized for phase detection in page-based optical data storage,” November 6, 2007

R. R. McLeod, E. D. Moore, USP 7,212,723, “Monolithic Waveguide Arrays”, May 1, 2007