Robert Noble
Research Professor

ECCH 122

MSE Areas: Thin films, membranes, ionic liquids, liquid crystals, zeolites, composites

Professor Noble is the Alfred T. and Betty E. Look Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Colorado. His research interests involve experimental and theoretical studies of processes that can attain highly selective chemical separations. He is interested in the use of specific interactions that can enhance the selectivity of a separation process. This specific interaction can involve unique solvents such as ionic liquids, reversible chemical complexation, use of external fields (light or electrical), or nanoporous structures (such as zeolites) to provide the selectivity. He currently has over 145 patents and applications, more than 300 research publications, and 11 textbooks and monographs.

Selected Publications and Accomplishments

AIChE Separations Division Clarence G. Gerhold Award (2011)
AIChE Institute Excellence in Industrial Gas Technology Award (2011)
CU Inventor of the Year (2008)