Minhyea Lee
Assistant Professor

Duane F633

MSE Areas: Strongly-correlated electron systems

Professor Minhyea Lee’s research is focused on understanding strong correlation between electrons and the collective behavior in condensed matter systems. Our interest lies in both searching for novel states of matter arising from the strong correlation between electrons and identifying them. It is directly connected to the technological application as an unusual phase often manifest itself with large enhancements or drastic changes in measurable quantities upon small change in parameter space. One direction of our current material research is to enhance the thermoelectric performance by manipulating the material parameters such as dimensionality, long range order and its substructure [1]. The other is to investigate the anomalous Hall effect in the magnetic systems to identify novel magnetic phases [2-3]. Both are closely tied to the unified theme of the exploring variety of materials that provide clues to grasp the fundamental physics underlying as well as potential for technological advancement.

Selected Publications and Accomplishments

[1] Minhyea Lee, L. Viciu, L. Li, Y. Wang, M.L. Foo, S. Watauchi, R.A. Pascal Jr., R.J. Cava, and N. P. Ong, “Large enhancement of the thermopower in NaxCoO2 at high Na doping”, Nature Materials 5, 537 (2006).

[2] Minhyea Lee, W. Kang, Y. Onose, Y. Tokura and N. P. Ong, “Hall current produced by topological spin textures in MnSi under pressure”, Phys.Rev.Lett. 102, 186601(2009).

[3] J. G. Checkelsky, Minhyea Lee, E. Morosan, R. J. Cava, N. P. Ong, “The Anomalous Hall Effect and magnetoresistance in the layered Fe1/4 TaS2: the inelastic regime, Phys. Rev. B 77, 014433 (2008).