Mahmoud I. Hussein
Associate Professor • H. Joseph Smead Faculty Fellow
Smead Aerospace Engineering Sciences

ECAE 194

MSE Areas: Phononics, phononic crystals, acoustic/elastic metamaterials, thermoelectic materials, silicon thin films, structural materials, wave propagation in periodic media, dispersive/dissipative/nonlinear dynamics of materials, band structure calculations, multiscale material modeling

Mahmoud Hussein’s research focuses on the dynamics of materials and structures with particular attention on periodic materials at both the continuum and atomistic scales. Among his areas of interest are phononics and lattice dynamics of silicon-based nanostructured materials. His studies are concerned with physical phenomena governing these systems and relevant theoretical treatments. He has a special interest in the effects of dispersion, resonance, dissipation and nonlinearity. Recently he has also been conducting experiments to support the theoretical work. Among Prof. Hussein’s accomplishments is the development of the concept of a nanophononic metamaterial, which is a nanoscale metamaterial based on a pillared thin-film structure that allows the thermal conductivity to be reduced without affecting the electrical conductivity.

Selected Publications and Accomplishments

Hussein, M.I. “Reduced Bloch mode expansion for periodic media band structure calculations,” Proceedings of the Royal Society A, 465, 2825-2848, 2009.

Hussein, M.I. and Frazier, M.J. “Metadamping: An emergent phenomenon in dissipative metamaterials,” Journal of Sound and Vibration, 332, 4767-4774, 2013.

Davis, B.L. and Hussein, M.I., “Nanophononic metamaterial: Thermal conductivity reduction by local resonance,”

2013 NSF CAREER Award:

Provisional Patent 61/809,399: “Lattice Dynamics and Thermal Transport Properties of Nanophonic Materials”