Kyle Foster
Graduate Student • Srubar Group


BS, Materials Science and Engineering, University of Florida, 2015


NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (2017-2020)

Selected Publications

  • K. E. O. Foster, R. Jones, G. M. Miyake, and W. V. Srubar III, “Mechanics, Optics, and Thermodynamics of Water Transport of Chemically Modified Transparent Wood Composites,” Compos. Sci. Technol. vol. 208, 108737, 2021.
  • K. E. O. Foster, K. M. Hess, G. M. Miyake, and W. V. Srubar III, “Optical Properties and Mechanical Modeling of Acetylated Transparent Wood Composite Laminates,” Materials, vol. 12, no. 14, 1–15, 2019.
  • L. Liang, R. Liu, K. E. O. Foster, A. Choudhury, S. Cook, J. C. Cameron, W. V. Srubar III, and R. T. Gill, “Genome engineering of E. coli for improved styrene production,” Metabolic Engineering, vol. 57, pp. 74–84, 2020

Research Interests

Wood-based composite materials