Kristi Anseth
Distinguished Professor • HHMI Investigator
Chemical and Biological Engineering • Biofrontiers Institute


MSE Areas: Polymers, hydrogels, biomaterials, synthetic extracellular matrices, photopolymers, networks

Dr. Kristi Anseth is a leading researcher and inventor in the fields of biomaterials and regenerative medicine. She has shown how control of the chemical, biological, and physical properties of biomaterials enables one to probe fundamental cell biology questions and use this information in targeted applications in tissue regeneration. Her approach is unique in that she combines the ability to synthesize polymers with highly defined structures with an understanding of the molecular dynamics of processes at the cell-biomaterial interface. Her seminal work on the mechanisms of how extracellular cues are transmitted through cells and her contributions have been translated into a number of medical products.

Selected Publications and Accomplishments

C.A. DeForest and K.S. Anseth, “Cytocompatible click-based hydrogels with dynamically-tunable properties through orthogonal photoconjugation and photocleavage reactions, ”Nature Chemistry, 3, 925-31 (2011) (featured on journal cover)

C.A. DeForest, B.D. Polizzotti and K.S. Anseth, “Sequential click reactions for synthesizing and patterning 3D cell microenvironments,” Nature Materials, 8, 659-64 (2009)
(Highlighted in Nature, Chemistry World, F1000, as well as others)

A.M. Kloxin, A.M. Kasko, C.N. Salinas and K.S. Anseth, “Photolabile hydrogels for dynamic tuning of physical and chemical properties,” Science, 324,, 59-63 (2009)
(Highlighted in Nature Materials, Nature Biotechnology)