Juliet Gopinath
Associate Professor
Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering


MSE Areas: Semiconductors, Chalcogenides, Nonlinear optical material properties, Lasers, Optofluidics, Electrowetting

My research is at the intersection of electrical engineering, physics and materials science, with a focus on lasers and optical devices. We study novel materials and devices with cw and short pulse lasers to characterize their linear and nonlinear properties. Devices are fabricated with exotic materials for nonlinearity enhancement (chalcogenides) as well as adaptive optics (electrowetting lenses and prisms). We are also very interested in laser development, which is tied very closely to materials research. In particular, we are developing laser sources for the mid-infrared region targeted at sensing, communications and imaging applications. Additionally, we are studying alternative ways to create short pulse lasers while circumventing nonlinear effects that prevent power scaling.

Selected Publications

Selected Accomplishments

  • NSF CAREER Award (2016)
  • R and D 100 Award (2012)
  • CU Provost Achievement Award (2016)