Joseph Maclennan


MSE Areas: Liquid crystals, electrooptics, thin films

Joseph Maclennan’s research interests center on determining the structure and electro-optic properties of ferroelectric liquid crystals, including bent-core and de Vries type materials, and on understanding the textures and phase transitions of freely-suspended liquid crystal films, including the ordering behavior of islands and liquid droplets. Self-assembled monolayers and topographically patterned surfaces are being studied as novel liquid crystal alignment surfaces.

Selected Publications and Accomplishments

“Chirality-Preserving Growth of Helical Filaments in the B4 Phase of Bent-Core Liquid Crystals,” D. Chen, J. E. Maclennan, R. Shao, D. K. Yoon, H. Wang, E. Korblova, D. M. Walba, M. A. Glaser, and N. A. Clark, Journal of the American Chemical Society 133, 12656R12663 (2011).

“Spontaneous Fluid Ferroelectric Order in a Bent-Core Liquid Crystal of Orthorhombic Smectic Layers,” R. A. Reddy, C. Zhu, R. Shao, E. Korblova, T. Gong, Y. Shen, E. Garcia, M. A. Glaser, J. E. Maclennan, D. M. Walba, and N. A. Clark, Science 332, 72–77 (2011).

“Nanophase segregation in binary mixtures of a bent-core and a rodlike liquid-crystal molecule,” C. Zhu, D. Chen, Y. Shen, C. D. Jones, M. A. Glaser, J. E. Maclennan, and N. A. Clark, Physical Review E 81, 011704 (2010).