John Pellegrino
Professor Research
Mechanical Engineering

ECES 168

MSE Areas: Membrane science, polymer materials, characterization

John Pellegrino’s research focus is on membrane materials science and separations applications related to water, energy, and biofuels development, and process analysis for environmental engineering. Examples of current projects include synthesis and testing of thiolene-based composite and mixed matrix membranes for gas and liquid separations; developing a predictive capability for colloidal particle fractionation based on detailed membrane characterization and transport experiments; studying membrane-based fractionation of hydrolysate streams produced during biofuel production from cellulosic and algal biomass; coupled heat and mass transfer through membrane devices used in liquid dessicant-based systems for heating and cooling applications; and study and development of microfluidic-GMR devices for integrity testing using paramagnetic nanoparticles.

Selected Publications and Accomplishments

Shrestha, A.; Pellegrino, J.; Husson, S.; Wickramasinghe, R. A modified porometry approach towards characterization of MF membranes. J. Membrane Sci. (2012 ,

Maruf, S.H.; Ahn, D.U.; Pellegrino, J.; Kilgore, J.P.; Greenberg, A.R.; Ding, Y. Relationship between barrier layer Tg and TFC membrane performance: effect of chlorine treatment, J. Membrane Sci. 405-6 (2012) 167-175.

Marroquin, M.; Bruce, T.; Pellegrino, J.; Wickramasinghe, S.R.; Husson, S.M. Characterization of asymmetry in microporous membranes by cross-sectional confocal laser scanning microscopy. J. Membrane. Sci. 379 (2011) 504-515.