John McCartney
Assistant Professor
Civil Environmental and Architectural Engineering

ECOT 541

MSE Areas: Unsaturated soil mechanics, thermo-hydro-mechanical behavior of saturated and unsaturated soils, hydraulic and mechanical interaction between unsaturated soils and geosynthetics

My research program involves the experimental development of constitutive relationships for soils and geosynthetics which consider partial saturation, non‐isothermal behavior, and coupled hydro‐mechanical responses. My research group also focuses on validation of these constitutive relationships using physical modeling in the 15 g‐ton and 400 g‐ton geotechnical centrifuges at CU Boulder.

Selected Publications and Accomplishments

Paper which won the 2012 J. James R. Croes Medal from ASCE:

Paper which won the best paper in 2010 in Geosynthetics International

Young IGS Award from the International Geosynthetics Society: