Jeffrey Stansbury
Associate Dean for Research
CU Anschutz Medical Campus • School of Dental Medicine


MSE Areas: Polymer chemistry, biomaterials

The Stansbury group activities involve the investigation and development of polymeric networks and photopolymerization directed primarily towards broadly defined biomaterials and bioengineering applications. This includes the design and synthesis of new monomers and novel polymers. The characterization of the polymeric materials extends to the dynamic analysis of polymer structure and property evolution in real time during the polymerization process. As an example, the conversion-dependent progression of polymerization stress has been probed in detail with the fundamental understanding gained directed to the rational design of new polymerization approaches.1 One research theme is heterogeneous polymers, in which the heterogeneity is introduced by polymerization-induced phase separation2, pre-polymerized nanogel additives3or interphases associated with fillers in composite materials.4 Another area involves the development of high performance water-compatible monomers and polymeric materials. In addition to laboratory facilities in Boulder, which facilitate a strong collaboration with Chris Bowman, the Stansbury lab extends to the Anschutz Medical Campus.

Selected Publications and Accomplishments

Stansbury JW. Dimethacrylate network formation and polymer property evolution as determined by the selection of monomers and curing conditions. Dental Materials 2012; 28:13-22.

Szczepanski CR, Pfeifer CS, Stansbury JW. A new approach to network heterogeneity: Polymerization Induced Phase Separation in photo-initiated, free-radical methacrylic systems. Polymer 2012; 53:4694–4701.

Liu J, Howard GD, Lewis SH, Barros MD, Stansbury JW. Shrinkage stress reduction and mechanical properties in nanogel-modified resin systems. European Polymer Journal 2012; 48:1819–1828.

Ye S, Azarnoush S, Smith IR, Cramer NB, Stansbury JW, Bowman CN. Using hyperbranched oligomer functionalized glass fillers to reduce shrinkage stress. Dental Materials 2012; 28:1004-1011.