J. Will Medlin
Denver Business Challenge Endowed Professor
Chemical and Biological Engineering


MSE Areas: Catalysts, photocatalysts, surface modification, surface spectroscopy, sensors

Our research focuses on understanding reactivity at surfaces using experimental and computational techniques, and subsequently using this understanding to modify surfaces to produce improved catalyst materials. We are particularly interested in developing catalysts for renewable energy applications in biorefining and (photo)electrocatalysis.

Selected Publications and Accomplishments

S.H. Pang, J.W. Medlin, “Adsorption and Reaction of Furfural and Furfuryl Alcohol on Pd(111): Unique Reaction Pathways for Multifunctional Reagents”, ACS Catalysis, 1 (2011) 1272-1283.

K.L. Miller, J.L. Falconer, J.W. Medlin, “Effect of water on the adsorbed structure of formic acid on TiO2 anatase (101)”, Journal of Catalysis, 278 (2011) 321-328.

S.T. Marshall, M. O’Brien, B. Oetter, A. Corpuz, R.M. Richards, D.K. Schwartz, J.W. Medlin, “Controlled selectivity for palladium catalysts using self-assembled monolayers”, Nature Materials, 9 (2010) 853-858.