Ivan Smalyukh


MSE Areas: Liquid crystals, organic photovoltaics, nanostructured materilas, soft materials, colloids, polymers, grapheme, biomolecular materials, bacterial biofilms, plasmonic nanoparticles, self-assembly, electro-optic materials, nanophotonics

Our research interests encompass different branches of soft condensed matter physics and materials science, including molecular and colloidal self-assembly, biomolecular materials, bacterial biofilms, organic photovoltaics, topological defects in liquid crystals, development of novel techniques for imaging and non-contact optical manipulation of soft materials, fundamental properties of liquid crystals, polymers, colloids, nano-structured and other functional materials, as well as their photonic and electro-optic applications. The emerging scientific frontiers in these fields show an exceptional promise of significant new discovery and of new applications that become possible only now, after the recent breakthroughs in condensed matter physics, optics, nanoscience, and biology.

Selected Publications and Accomplishments

C. Lapointe, T. Mason, and I.I. Smalyukh, “Shape-controlled colloidal interactions in nematic liquid crystals,” Science 326, 1083-1086 (2009).

I.I. Smalyukh, Y. Lansac, N. Clark, R. Trivedi, “Three-dimensional structure and multistable optical switching of Triple Twist Toron quasiparticles in anisotropic fluids.” Nature Materials 9, 139-145 (2010).

R.P. Trivedi, I.I. Klevets, B.I. Senyuk, T. Lee, and I.I. Smalyukh, “Multi-scale interactions and three-dimensional patterning of colloidal particles and defects in lamellar soft media”, Procs. Nat. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 109, 4744-4749 (2012).