H. Jerry Qi
Associate Professor
Mechanical Engineering

ECME 124

MSE Areas: Material physics, mechanics of materials, polymer mechanics, polymer physics, computational mechanics

Dr. Qi research focuses on the investigation of and development of computational material models for the multiphysical behaviors of soft materials, including polymers, elastomers, hydrogels, and soft tissues. Current research projects including developing computational models for shape memory polymers due to glass transition and melt/crystallization transition, and for shape memory elastomer composites, developing testing methods and constitutive models for light active polymers and its application to photo origami, developing computational models for artery tissue and artery tissue growth.

Selected Publications and Accomplishments

Yu, K., Tao Xie, T., Leng, J., Ding,Y., Qi, H.J., 2012, Mechanisms of Multi-Shape Memory Effects and Associated Energy Release in Shape Memory Polymers, Soft Matter, v8, 5687-5695.

Jennie Ryu, J., D’Ameto, M., Cui, X., Long, K.N., Qi, H.J., Dunn, M.L., 2012. Photo-Origami, Applied Physics Letter, 100, 161908. (Feature Story for May 10, 2012 at phys.org

Ge, Q., Luo, X., Rodriguez, E.D., Zhang, X., Mather, P., Dunn, M.L., Qi, H.J., 2012, Thermo-mechanical Behaviors of Shape Memory Elastomer Composites, J. Mech. Phys. Solids, v60, 67-83.