Gregory Whiting
Associate Professor
Mechanical Engineering

ECES 152

MSE Areas: Printed electronics, organic electronics, transient electronics, large area electronics, additive manufacturing, distributed sensing

Gregory Whiting's research is focused at the intersection of additive manufacturing, novel materials, and functional devices.  He is primarily interested in using printing as a method to fabricate unconventional electronic components and systems that can be readily customized, mechanically flexible/conformable, large area, widely distributed, biocompatible, and/or controllably transient.  These devices can find application in a wide range of areas including medicine, structural and environmental monitoring, energy generation and storage, as well as data security and waste reduction.

Selected Publications and Accomplishments

1.     G. L. Whiting, D. E. Schwartz, T. Ng, B. S. Krusor, R. Krivacic, A. Pierre, A. C. Arias, M. Harting, D. VanBuren, K. Short.  Digitally Fabricated Multi-Modal Wireless Sensing using a Combination of Printed Sensors and Transistors with Silicon Components.  Flexible and Printed Electronics20172, 034002. (link)

2.     A. M. Gaikwad, D. A. Steingart, T. Ng, D. E. Schwartz, G. L. Whiting.  A Flexible High Potential Printed Battery for Powering Printed Electronics.  Applied Physics Letters2013102, 233302. (link)

3.     J. P. Lu, J. D. Thompson, G. L. Whiting, D. K. Biegelsen, S. Raychaudhuri, R. Lujan, J. Veres, L. L. Lavery, A. R. Vökel, E. M. Chow.  Open and Closed Loop Manipulation of Charged Microchiplets in an Electric Field.  Applied Physics Letters2014105, 054103. (link)