Gordana Dukovic
Assistant Professor
Chemistry and Biochemistry

Ekeley M331

MSE Areas: Nanocrystal synthesis and spectroscopy, photochemistry, solar fuels, catalysis, solar energy conversion, inorganic nanomaterials

My research is focused on fundamental problems in nanoscience and how they impact the application of nanoscale materials to solar energy harvesting. Our approach integrates the design and synthesis of novel nanomaterials with detailed electronic spectroscopy in order to reveal how such materials interact with light. Of particular interest is photochemistry of nanomaterials and applications to solar fuel generation. The group welcomes a broad spectrum of scientists, with interests ranging from synthetic chemistry to femtosecond spectroscopy.

Selected Publications and Accomplishments

K. Lee, B. M. Tienes, M. B. Wilker, K. J. Schnitzenbaumer, G. Dukovic. “(Ga1–xZnx)(N1–xOx) Nanocrystals: Visible Absorbers with Tunable Composition and Absorption Spectra.” Nano Letters 2012, 12, 3268–3272.

K. A. Brown, M. B. Wilker, M. Boehm, G. Dukovic,* P. W. King.* “Characterization of photochemical processes for H2 production by CdS nanorod_[FeFe] hydrogenase complexes.” Journal of the American Chemical Society 2012, 134, 5627-5636.

G. Dukovic, M. G. Merkle, J. H. Nelson, S. M. Hughes, A. P. Alivisatos. “Photodeposition of Pt on colloidal CdS and CdSe@CdS semiconductor nanostructures.” Advanced Materials 2008, 20, 4306-